Send Blake Mitchell to the Oscars!

25 Jan

Here’s one way to help out a very deserving, incredible person… vote for Blake Mitchell to be the MTVu Oscars Correspondent.

Not only does he know more about film than anyone I know, but his resume even would impress Steven Spielberg. Really. Moral of the story: he definitely deserves this.

Blake Mitchell (and teammate David Torcivia) are competing to be the on-air correspondent team on the red carpet at this year’s Academy Awards. Picture this: interviewing celebrities, showing off his endless Oscars knowledge and experiencing a once in a lifetime opportunity. Sounds good to me… and even better to Blake.

A lover of all things film and an aspiring producer, Blake makes Oscars predictions each year (and often predicts correctly!). This year, he is extremely hopeful to actually be in L.A. for the event that he anxiously awaits every year.

But, this is where you come in: he needs VOTES!

As one of the teams in the final 10 applicants, he must receive enough votes to be in the top 3 by Friday, January 28 at 5 p.m. If he succeeds, he and David automatically will be sent to the Oscars for a chance to show off their skills at various pre-Oscars events. From there, more voting will ensue and a second video will determine the final winning team!

So, please do him a favor and vote every day at this Web site. Anyone (and everyone) can (and should) vote. To learn more about Blake and his hopeful road to the Oscars, visit his blog or check out this Red & Black article!

Here’s to hoping for great news on Friday at 5!

Note: you must create a username to vote, but it’s super easy and well worth it.


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