The key to relationships

28 Jan

I was recently doing some grocery shopping at the one and only Trader Joe’s and I left with much more than expected. In my little reusable bag there was Lobster Ravioli and a bag of Chicken Cilantro Wontons, but I also left with a bit of relationship advice from the check-out man.

Photo: Ingrid Pintucci (used under Creative Commons)

I have always loved TJ’s for so many reasons: the great prices, specialty products and endless amounts of quick and easy meals, to name a few. Lately I have been noticing that it isn’t just the food that makes me love this store. It’s the incredibly friendly people.

On this particular night, an older man rung up the items for my boyfriend and me. As Chip (the boyfriend) was showing his ID for some super tasty and great priced beer, our check-out man proceeded to tell us that at our age, he was already happily married and ready for children in the near future. He immediately wanted to give us some relationship advice (I guess we looked super couple-y, but then again, what normal guy and girl “just friends” would go grocery shopping on a weekend night together for fun?).

His life story included a young marriage, three children by the age of 30, multiple companies owned with his wife and a soon-to-be 40th wedding anniversary. With a ring still on his left ring finger, he told us he was happy as can be.

His one bit of relationship advice for us: always be best friends and have a lot in common.

Who knows, he may be the next Gary Chapman


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