Save the Date

9 Aug

When you first get engaged it seems as though there is a list a mile long of everything you must do, should do, could do and won’t do.

There’s the ring. Check.

The wedding magazines. Check.

The excited calling of the family and friends. Check.

And then comes the planning.

I have always loved planning events. Whether it be a party for friends or an event at Chick-fil-A, I truly enjoy everything that goes into event planning. When it comes to a girl’s wedding, the biggest day of her life, it’s pretty much the ultimate treat to put together.

When it came to my wedding in particular, Chip and I had a pretty exact date in mind for the big day. March 10, 2012.

You probably are wondering, “Why March 10? Isn’t that about the most unpredictable day of weather in Georgia during the entire year?” Well, folks, it sure is, and it just so happens to be the same day that starts the med school spring break. There are such limited options for a week off in med school (the first summer (which just ended), spring break and Christmas break). After weighing our options, spring break definitely was the best.

A few years ago on March 10 it was beautiful and warm and two years ago it was snowing. Whether we get the rain, snow or sun, I’m prepared for all three. In fact, I am even embracing (and dare I say, loving) this idea if it rains:

Regardless, I’ve got the perfect remedy to a tough weather situation: a venue with an indoor and outdoor option!

Check back for updates on where our March 10th “all-weather-is-welcome” wedding will be!

Did you have wedding planning weather woes? How did you deal?

Side note: we are still praying for 75 and sunny all day long.


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