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The Carl House

14 Aug

As I promised in this post, I would introduce you to our wedding venue shortly. Since we were limited on options for dates, we were also limited on options for venues. People always say that after you have the date set, all wedding planning gets easier from there.

I think that should be re-phrased to: after you find a wedding venue that is available and affordable on your set date, all wedding planning gets easier from there. We may have had a little bit of stress during the first couple weeks, but all is well now!

Fortunately for us, after countless hours of searching, my future sister-in-law found the perfect venue!

Requirements for the venue: have an indoor option, big enough to fit our guest list, great photo opportunities, allow us to get creative with decor, be close to a city important to us and most importantly: fit in our budget. Also, it immediately got plus 4 points if the ceremony and reception could be held in the same venue. Convenience.

While Chip and I were at the beach with my family, I got a very excited phone call from Chip’s mom about a venue in… wait for it… Auburn, GA. Now I know what all of you bulldog fans are thinking… Auburn? Really? I hope I’m not invited to that wedding… But don’t worry, it’s actually in the perfect location – about half way between Athens and Lawrenceville, and has nothing to do with Auburn University. Phew.

The Carl House is a home built in the early 1900s as an ornamental plant nursery and now serves as a beautiful event facility – and the site for our wedding!

As far as our venue requirements go, the Carl House matched perfectly. We are thrilled to find that they have a massive ballroom available for the ceremony and the reception, as well as an outdoor area for the ceremony. We are allowed to switch the location of the ceremony 3 hours ahead of time! So let’s say our lovely March 10th decides to be 75 degrees and sunny, then we’ll be saying our vows under the stars.

With endless locations for gorgeous photos, I know our photographers (TBA soon!) will swoon. I sure did when I saw everything from the gazebo, to the old brick wall covered in vines. Oh, and don’t forget the gorgeous double staircase in the ballroom.

Plus, don’t be surprised if I’m lounging in this bathroom in the bride’s suite prior to the ceremony:

Our hope is that no one books a wedding on the morning of March 10th so the girls can get ready at the Carl House, as well. I’m a lucky girl that my main hair stylist since the age of 15 has been my sister, so she will be the one making me look my best on the big day. Thanks, sis.

Oddly enough, one of my favorite tidbits about this venue is the ceiling in the ballroom. Not sure why, but I just love the old hammered tin look.

Finally, the location suits our needs so well. It’s only about a 30-minute drive from the Classic City and a 20-minute drive from Lawrenceville – two places that really mean a lot to us! Athens is our home, while Lawrenceville is close to our hometowns (Duluth and Alpharetta).

While we originally thought about having the wedding actually in Athens, we couldn’t find an available place that had lots of space inside. The Carl House is an easy drive down 316 for both our Athens friends and our hometown folk. Plus, it’s only about 15 minutes from the Mall of Georgia and Chateau Elan for out-of-town guests. Lots of options for fun and entertainment for anyone who needs it!

We couldn’t be more excited to keep planning with the Carl House team and start brainstorming photo options for our photographers. I’ll be announcing them soon, so stay tuned!

So, what helped make your venue decision or how do you envision the location for your big day? Outside/inside? Hometown/destination? The options are endless.