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Latest Kitchen Decor

12 Jun

Well, it’s been about 3 months since Chip and I got married and we are finally just getting a bit settled in our new home! Life has been absolutely fabulous, but oh so hectic. More than anything, we’re loving just finally being a team, married and starting our life together.

This past weekend was the first weekend since our wedding that we both have been at home for a whole weekend with no guests staying at our house. Whew… it was awesome! While Chip was studying (he is taking the 1st step of the boards next week), I decided I would begin to get back into my love of crafting with this little bunch of fun above our kitchen sink:

Total cost: $3.50 (heck yes)

I had everything on hand except for the Be Grateful print which I found here and printed at FedEx. I spray painted/recycled random frames from throughout the house and used the plastic, silver spoons from a bridal shower I threw.

The “Taste” was a wedding gift from my cousin and her boyfriend. He hand-crafted it in his school’s workshop out of scrap metal. Forever grateful. (See what I did there?)

The thought behind Chip and I choosing the word “Taste” was two-fold:

1. It’s in the kitchen. Simple as that.

2. It’s a reference to Psalm 34:8 – “Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.” It’s a great reminder for us each day to savor every moment in our new home together.

Overall, I feel pretty great about the newest addition to our kitchen and can’t wait to continue making our house a home! So many great things in store! Stay tuned for updates!



From a house to a home

10 Dec

We officially close on the house on Wednesday! We have had our walk-through (basically to learn how to work the house and not break it). I have about 4 pages worth of notes, so hopefully as first time “homeowners” we will be able to take great care of it! The fence is in and kitchen appliances have been hooked up. Now all we need are the keys!

To document the momentous occasion of the fiance and I being in our new home for the first time together, the agent shot this photo for us. How sweet…

As the final few days come to a close, we are trying to get a few things re-done and organized before the moving truck transports everything to Athens. Stay tuned for some furniture makeovers!

And in other news – it’s officially 3 months until the wedding!

Christmas Doormat

24 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! As many people prepare for a feast this afternoon and Christmas decorating beginning tomorrow, I am preparing for Christmas decorating beginning Dec. 16.

As we near the closing on the house, I am doing any little things that I can to make it “ours” right off the bat. Although we know decorating and re-doing furniture will be an endless process, there are a few things I have in mind that will make it home-y and Christmas-y for the holidays.

I found the first project on this blog and just couldn’t pass it up. I knew that I wanted a way to welcome people into our new home, have some Christmas cheer and to describe the sentiment of how blessed we are. What better word than “joy“?

Not only is this super easy and festive, it’s also $5, so don’t be surprised if I switch them out for each season!

You can find these doormats at Home Depot, which we actually came across while registering.

(Side note: Home Depot really should get with the technology times. We actually had to write out each UPC code for what we wanted to register for and then the employee had to hand-key it in. It was tiring. We also tried Lowe’s since the fiance wanted Kobalt tools, but Lowe’s doesn’t even have a registry at all. Wouldn’t that be a gold mine for hardware stores in this crafty/DIY age? I think so!)

anyway… You can find them at Home Depot. As I’ve done before with the Fun(d), I created a stencil out of paper. Since I didn’t have an Exacto knife handy, I just very meticulously cut out the letters with scissors. As per the original suggestion, I used American Typewriter Bold. Font size was 440, in case you’re wondering.

Once the letters were cut out, I placed them in the proper spot on the doormat and taped them down. I also had a little help from the fiance’s family’s dog, Katie. She is quite the crafty pup.

I found that the tape didn’t stick very well on the doormat material, so I improvised and decided to use a Sharpie with the stencil as an outline for the letters. Worked nicely!

Then, with a small paintbrush, I simply filled in the letter outline with black paint. Be sure to get the paint down into the texture of the material for the most success.

Now, I just can’t wait to place this on my new front porch complete with a wreath on the door and rocking chairs on the side. I’ll post once it’s set-up so you can see the final product!

What Christmas touch do you recommend for any home?

It’s Under Contract!

13 Nov

I’ve got some big news!

We have a house!!! Remember my post about home-hunting? Well, we officially have a place to live! As we drove past it the other day, it all became real when we saw this sign…

After much discussion, the fiance’s parents have decided to purchase a house in Athens for us to rent! They eventually would love to retire in Athens, so this is a great option. Also, they will be able to rent to others after we move away (which I highly doubt I’m going to want to move away from this house):

It’s a beauty! Now, all I can do is think about all the lovely ways I will fill the rooms! I simply just can’t wait!!!

What was your first home like? Any suggestions about how to make it “ours”?

The Yellow House

18 Aug

Now that my Hartford roommates have all moved away (and soon one will be moving to Italy!), I have a new home! It’s a sweet yellow cottage complete with a front porch and rocking chairs.

I am loving my new roommates: a senior UGA student who happens to be my little sis in AOPi and a 1st year pharmacy student who was in my pledge class. It’s amazing how quickly the house came together since we all had some sort of furniture or kitchen supplies from previous places.

Now for a tour and breakdown of my spaces.

My bedroom may be the smallest in the house, but I’m proud to say that I love it more than I could have expected. Cozy and organized (and right next to the kitchen…).

I’ve never had a bathroom of my own in my entire life, so this is a huge treat!

And thanks to my thrifty, professional organizer mom, my new bathroom hardly cost anything:

  • White rack – $3 from Goodwill
  • Shower curtain – $5 from the Marshall’s sale rack
  • Green dot rug (not shown) – Freecycled from a Hartford roommate
  • Green basket on toilet – Laying around in my basement
  • Green toilet paper basket for the floor (not shown) – Borrowed from the fiancĂ©’s little sister
  • Sunflower painting – hand-painted by my own sister

Total cost of the bathroom decor: $8! Don’t you just love that? Plus, does anyone else feel a bit of nostalgia when they look at that shower curtain? Reminds me of those hanging door beads I used to love in middle school, but a lot cooler.

And finally, a room to reckon with: the living room – complete with an incredible painting by Missy Cargo

Check out that detail:

The photo doesn't even do this painting's beauty justice.

Overall, I think our house has come together quite nicely, but it definitely needs a few little additions here and there. For example, the living room could really use a few little tidbits on those empty white (and wobbly) shelves in the corner. I see a DIY project in my future.

Any suggestions of something that might add a little pop of color? I’d love to give it a try!