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Clean out the kitchen challenge

29 Jun

As you may remember, I recently graduated, which means that after summer ends, I will be moving into a new house. I have loved living in the best house ever with the best roommates ever, but now have to move on from life like this in quirky old Hartford:

As I eat away my sorrows, I have realized how much food I have acquired over the past two years.

Do you remember that one morning I wanted pancakes, so I bought an entire bag of Krusteaz mix? Or that time I found a great deal on pasta and bought 10 boxes? I do. I also realize that all that food either has to be eaten, thrown out or packed to move to a new pantry.

So I looked to my DIY idols, at Young House Love, for some “getting rid of all that food” inspiration.

They challenged themselves to completely cleaning out the fridge and freezer before their big move, so I am working on the same. While they wrote a very detailed list of what they had in the fridge and wouldn’t buy anything else, I am open to purchasing items to cook with what I already have. Moral of the story is: I need to eat as much food from my kitchen as possible before moving.

Example: I have about 5 bags of frozen broccoli. (Excuse me?… who needs that much broccoli in one freezer? Granted, about 3 of them were leftover from roommates, but nevertheless, they have to get eaten.)

I have decided to create a broccoli, chicken and rice casserole with my broccoli stash. I’m thinking this recipe sounds delicious and easy (and perfect for leftovers at work). Plus, I’m a sucker for anything made in a crock pot.

I’ll let you know how my eating adventure goes over the course of the next month. Should be fun!

Anyone have any good recipe suggestions for edamame? That’s one item I may need some help finishing!