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Easy Bulletin Board Crafting

30 Apr

As you may have discovered by now, I absolutely love crafting, thoughtful gifts and surprising people. So when I recently was surprised with a new MacBook Pro from my bosses at See.Spark.Go (haha, that rhymes), I was:

1. So thrilled (my poor little old MacBook was a serious struggle)

2. So surprised (I was expecting them to whip out a new office printer or Keurig or something. Not a MacBook Pro for me)

3. Determined to thank them in a special way (but without breaking the bank)

We would soon be expecting two awesome clients in town for the week, so we were finalizing our office decorations. My bosses had been complaining about the empty shelves in the intern office for weeks, so I instantly decided I would surprise them with something that was special to See.Spark.Go, could be functional and could add a pop of color.

I present to you: a bulletin board!

I started with just a plain bulletin board, some orange and white paint, a paint brush and a very steady hand.

While I’m no artist, I set out to hand-draw our logo in the center of the board. I wasn’t expecting DaVinci or anything of the sort, but was pretty pleased with how it turned out. It didn’t hurt that I had this little guy to model for me:

The foster dog I was watching the night o'crafting... absolutely precious

Fortunately, I had a thank you notecard and an Athens, I Love You sticker to cover the mess-ups.

When I was finally finished painting and (hair)drying the board, I carefully placed it in my car to drive to my boss’ house. Even though I may have interrupted a family party, they were thrilled to see something designed with their logo on it (and couldn’t believe my art skills, might I add).

Here the board is in its new home with our wonderful spring interns, Maureen and Hannah!

I couldn’t be happier that the gift meant a lot to my bosses and would actually be used for a great purpose, rather than just wasting space in a junk drawer. They absolutely love it, and I love being able to brighten our office walls!

So do you have any ideas for functional, fun-to-make crafts? Any of you ever re-purposed a bulletin board? Share your secrets!



2 Mar

Dear thxthxthx.com,

Thank you for… well… writing thank you notes. They are charmingly witty and entertaining. I always can count on the randomness in your life. In case you’re wondering, today I am thankful for chocolate animal crackers. They are so much better than regular animal crackers. It makes me feel like a kid again when I eat the elephant’s nose before anything else.

Much love,


Thank you notes say it all

1 Feb

Ever since I was old enough to write, my mom always encouraged me to send thank you notes to everyone who gave me a present for the holidays. From the millions of Beanie Babies in one box for obscure holidays like Valentine’s Day, to the $5 bill and a card for Christmas – everyone was to be thanked.

Photo by: William Arthur Fine Stationery

Later in life, I became (and still am) a stationary addict. I can’t turn down a good deal on cute stationary, even though I know I have stacks at home. Let me loose in places like Micheal’s and don’t expect the $1 section to look the same once I’m done.

It must be because I never want to send a thank you note on the same stationary to the same person more than once. The boyfriend laughed when I insisted upon sending his little sister blank note cards while she was counseling away at camp. Fortunately, she loved them equally as much as I did (ok, maybe not equally.)

However, now I can justify my stationary obsession because I just recently I read an article that reminded me that thank you notes should be “heartfelt and handwritten.” Both are made possible by having an abundance of note cards at the ready.

What a way to make someone’s day – send a thank note for something, anything, even if they would never expect to be thanked for it.

The possibilities are endless – your brother, the mailman, the Publix cashier or your long-lost best friend. I bet you’ll be thankful you did!

Plant a seed of niceness

24 Jan

As I was brainstorming what my first blog post would be about, I was procrastinating searching for ideas on Twitter. While I follow my favorite celebrities and just about every person I have ever met, I also follow my fair share of actually beneficial “Tweeps.” I love to find little precious morsels on Twitter that can truly brighten my day.

Little did Chick-fil-A Leadercast know, I would be reminded that it really is about the small things you do for people.  This video of Linda Kaplan Thaler talks about how Aflac went from a nothing company in Columbus to a household name, merely because of a man saying “thank you” in a big way.

Oddly enough, I worked at this Leadercast event for a UGA organization but wasn’t able to see Kaplan Thaler speak. Fortunately, my recent job offer/accepted position at a PR firm that does social media for Leadercast has led me back to this video – and I sure am thankful.

It’s incredible to know that without any hair off her back, Kaplan Thaler was able to impact someone’s life in such a positive way – that one seed of niceness eventually bloomed into the biggest thank you that she could ever imagine. With it, bloomed Aflac’s enormous success.

The great thing about all of this is that she had no idea it would ever come around to benefit her in the end. She didn’t agree to lunch for any greatness of her own. There was nothing truly in it for her. She merely did it to be nice and help someone out.

Now, as I watch this video, I am truly impacted in knowing that “being nice really is all it’s quacked up to be.”

It makes me wonder… who will you take to lunch today?