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The Yellow House

18 Aug

Now that my Hartford roommates have all moved away (and soon one will be moving to Italy!), I have a new home! It’s a sweet yellow cottage complete with a front porch and rocking chairs.

I am loving my new roommates: a senior UGA student who happens to be my little sis in AOPi and a 1st year pharmacy student who was in my pledge class. It’s amazing how quickly the house came together since we all had some sort of furniture or kitchen supplies from previous places.

Now for a tour and breakdown of my spaces.

My bedroom may be the smallest in the house, but I’m proud to say that I love it more than I could have expected. Cozy and organized (and right next to the kitchen…).

I’ve never had a bathroom of my own in my entire life, so this is a huge treat!

And thanks to my thrifty, professional organizer mom, my new bathroom hardly cost anything:

  • White rack – $3 from Goodwill
  • Shower curtain – $5 from the Marshall’s sale rack
  • Green dot rug (not shown) – Freecycled from a Hartford roommate
  • Green basket on toilet – Laying around in my basement
  • Green toilet paper basket for the floor (not shown) – Borrowed from the fianc√©’s little sister
  • Sunflower painting – hand-painted by my own sister

Total cost of the bathroom decor: $8! Don’t you just love that? Plus, does anyone else feel a bit of nostalgia when they look at that shower curtain? Reminds me of those hanging door beads I used to love in middle school, but a lot cooler.

And finally, a room to reckon with: the living room – complete with an incredible painting by Missy Cargo

Check out that detail:

The photo doesn't even do this painting's beauty justice.

Overall, I think our house has come together quite nicely, but it definitely needs a few little additions here and there. For example, the living room could really use a few little tidbits on those empty white (and wobbly) shelves in the corner. I see a DIY project in my future.

Any suggestions of something that might add a little pop of color? I’d love to give it a try!


Thrifting 101

3 May

A couple weekends ago I ventured to my parent’s house in Alpharetta. I had not been home for an entire weekend since last semester, so it was very nice to relax a bit and enjoy my time with them before school ends and the real world starts for me.

My mom, who is a professional organizer (aka goes into houses like Hoarders and revamps them on the cheap), absolutely swears by thrift stores. She finds the best deals and is able to save her clients tons of money without forgoing style.

After visiting my dad’s chiropractic office and having lunch with my parents in the same center, my mom wanted to go into one of her favorite Alpharetta thrift stores, The Hope Store. While I accidentally broke one platter (oops), I was much less clumsy with this lovely $8 find!

Originally from Swoozies, platters like these average about $40. When I found it, I did a little happy dance with visions of burgers, warm sun and fresh tomatoes dancing in my head.

When I showed my mom, she proceeded to tell me all about the great finds she has at thrift stores, so I thought we would feature her knowledge and thrifting ability today!

Meet Joan Locher, Owner of Organizing For U in Alpharetta, Ga.

Q: What are your best recommendations for new thrifters?

A: My recommendations for new thrifters would be when you see a thrift store that looks interesting, make a stop in just to check it out. Just about any thrift store has something interesting you can find. After you’ve checked out several in your area – it’s fun to take a day and make the rounds to see what treasures you can find. If you’re looking for something specific, keep going back because the turnover of items in these types of stores is usually big and new things come in all the time. If you want to bargain – ask if the prices are firm or not. If they are not, make an offer and see what happens. They just may accept it – you never know. And if not, it’s probably a bargain anyway!!

Q: What is the best bargain you have ever found at a thrift store?

A: The best one I found is a set of four side metal chairs for a total of $20. I needed a few chairs for decor in a couple of rooms for a client and didn’t want to buy something new. So, I hit my usual stores and buried in the back of one of the rooms were the four chairs I was looking for! I couldn’t resist. They were metal chairs that my mother actually had with a vinyl seat. They were a mess and very old and worn out and I knew if I took them apart and repainted and recovered them, they would look wonderful and that’s exactly what I did.¬† They turned out to be so unique. But I had to be willing to put in the time to redo them.

Q: What can you do with thrift store items that people wouldn’t think of?

A: Since I have my own business organizing, staging and redecorating people’s homes – I often times think outside of the box with items I purchase – especially when my clients are on a budget! For example I once used a big plastic flower pot that I bought for cleaning supplies and rags in a closet instead of going out and buying a carryall. It worked perfectly and everything fit like a glove! You have to think outside of the box when thrifting.

Q: What’s the best thing about thrifting?

A: The best thing about thrifting is that you get bargains at minimal prices and find wonderful treasures along the way. Remember – one man’s junk is another man’s treasure!

And that’s it, my friends – if you live in the Atlanta area and are looking for someone to help with organizing, cleaning out and decorating, my mom’s your gal. She does incredible work. You can contact her at 770-402-6828 or at joan[at]organizingforu.com.

We’re always looking for great deals: have you ever found an incredible something at a thrift store? We’d love to see!

Until next time, happy thrifting!