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Officially Lauren Locher Carnes

20 Mar

Let’s just say that I could not be happier. The wedding weekend was absolutely the most perfect thing ever. I keep replaying everything in my head and just smile constantly. Not to mention that the honeymoon was fabulous, relaxing and gorgeous.

Even more, I am beaming that I officially am Mrs. Alan Keith Carnes, Jr! We are so blessed.

Can’t wait to share this time with you all as I venture into life as a wife!



Beautiful friend’s wedding

17 Feb

So as I plan for my own wedding in a little over 20 days, I thought I would say “happy almost 2 month anniversary” to two of my dearest friends and post a couple photos I shot from a their wedding in December. It was in lovely Sarasota, Florida and the weather was ideal. The weekend couldn’t have been more perfect, and I was so blessed to be a part of it (and Chip was in the wedding party with me, to boot!)

Check out those flowers pre-bouquet:

Love this one of a few of the bridesmaids watching as the bride had her hair done:

And how about the most precious ring bearer I’ve ever seen. He and his siblings were definitely the hit of the party (besides the sweet couple, of course):

Her wonderful parents as they watch the pre-wedding photo shoot:

My personal favorite of Cinderella herself:

And finally, a photo of the beautiful Mrs. Karempelis and me:

Courtesy of one of the bridesmaids...

What a beautiful day! Now I’m so looking forward to celebrating with Mr. and Mrs. Karempelis on my wedding day! Coming soon!

Creating invites calls for this…

25 Jan

As you may remember in my post about our Save the Date card, I designed the stationary for our wedding. It was so important to me that the paper goods had a special meaning to them (more on that later).

After creating, printing, cutting and hand addressing (and cursive is not my strong suit) every invite and envelope, I realized one thing… that I was going to need a return address label – because I sure as heck was not about to write our address 200 times.

After much searching on Etsy, I came across this lovely store, Save the Date and was immediately sold on this self-inking, eco-friendly, customizable stamp.

I was so thrilled at how quick and easy it was to have our own stamp custom designed by Tiffany from this shop. I was even more thrilled at how quick and easy it was to stamp every envelope and response card when I promptly received the return address stamp in the mail. Happy to avoid the hand cramp from writing…

Plus, it was so exciting to see the new address on each of the envelopes and to receive response cards in the mail every day. I always look forward to the fiance telling me who has sent them back to his new home (soon to be our new home!).

What could you see a stamp like this coming in handy for? I’m thinking house-warming gifts, shower presents, etc. Do share!

The First Bridal Shower!

6 Dec

A couple weekends ago, my sweet (recently engaged) friend threw me a bridal shower with her mom and it was absolutely so fun. I really have realized now why people call them showers… because you just feel like you are being showered with love. I am so blessed and grateful for such amazing friends and family in my life!

Since she and another Hartford roommate just got engaged (!!! yes – half of Hartford is officially engaged!), I am taking notes on throwing bridal showers for them. It should be quite fun to host them in the new house once it’s up and running. Beth and her mom did an awesome job with the shower! Here’s a little recap:

A fun bridal shower game idea:

Bride JeopardyBeth asked me a series of questions ahead of time and split the party into teams. The teams were divided evenly to make sure that people from the high school years and college years where distributed well. Questions included everything from: “What is Locher’s favorite Pandora station?” to: “How long were Chip and Locher dating before they got engaged?” (“King of Anything” radio and a little over two years, by the way…)

The team who answered the most correct won a sweet little Starbucks prize! Yum! Plus, Beth was the perfect Alex Trebek.

Beth also asked me for photos ahead of time to put on a decorated cork board for all to see. Let’s just say that someone thought my eighth grade picture was my senior portrait… they could only see a difference in the bushiness of my eyebrows… ek.

Finally, we ate a delicious lunch and opened gifts! We got some pretty awesome things, including this incredible handmade burlap wreath that I’ve been eyeing from here!

Don’t you think that will just look perfect with the DIY Christmas Doormat? I can’t wait to hang it in only a couple weeks!

What is your favorite thing about wedding showers? Do you have any fun games to suggest? I’ve got to start planning for the friends!

Something old, something new…

8 Nov

This past weekend one of my closest friends got married! As a bridesmaid, I became the (un)official photographer for all of the events leading up to the wedding. It was awesome!

On Saturday, I couldn’t help but snap a few photos while we were getting ready to document the day how beautiful she was. As she got ready, it got me thinking about the “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” phrase. Her something old was an heirloom hanky, something new was the broach in her hair, something borrowed were the earrings her mom is putting on her in the photo and something blue was an embroidered hanky to tie around the stems of her bouquet with the wedding date, her old monogram and new monogram. I loved all of these and the sweet sentimental value behind them.

However, I am not sure exactly what to use for each of those on March 10… but I do know that I apparently have a “silver sixpence in [my] shoe” already waiting for me. I just recently found out about that end to the rhyme, but can’t find what the history behind it is.

If nothing else, I wouldn’t mind borrowing that broach for my something borrowed. It was gorgeous!

What are your suggestions for one of those “lucky” items for a bride?

Wedding website

2 Nov

So we officially have the wedding website up and running!

It may have taken me way to long to figure out how to load a picture onto it (you’d think it’d be more user friendly… but apparently not), but now it officially is ready to go.

I’ll be adding more info to it as time goes on about hotels, etc., but am pleased to present to you:


Plus, it's featuring everyone's favorite engagement shot...


Save the Date, Bridesmaids!

4 Sep

The bridesmaids are some of the most important people during the wedding planning process for the bride. Who else is going to listen to her talk about the difference between lime green and chartreuse or whether she should have pink peonies or pink roses? These are “major” decisions here that can only be made with the help of the go-to girls.

The question: how do you invite bridesmaids to be part of the wedding?

For me, I knew I wanted to ask in a way that wasn’t just going to entail a casual phone call. With my DIY obsession, I chose to create a “Save the Date” for my bridesmaids to be invited to a bridesmaids dress fitting.

So after much deliberation, I crafted up these for each of the 6 girls:

Since my bridesmaids live all over the US, I had to choose a time when the majority would be in town. My sister/MOH has already been fitted, as she lived in NYC, and my future sister-in-law had already been fitted since she lives in Athens. That left my college roommates.

There could not have been a better time to do so than the weekend of our engagement party (more to come later)! We had a blast yesterday morning and definitely made our decision on the dress and possibly the shoes. I’d call that success.

Now I can’t wait to see it all come together! Has anyone else seen great ideas for asking bridesmaids to be in the wedding? Do share!